How To Prepare For Current Affairs In UPSC(IAS)?

In civil service examination, current affairs play a very important role. In this article, we will be knowing how to prepare for current affairs, with an example. UPSC is considered as the mother of all exams in India. UPSC conducts an exam called CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION, which is a dream, of most of the Indian … Read more

How To Read A Newspaper

What is a newspaper? A newspaper is a periodical publication (usually issued daily or weekly) containing written information about news, articles, advertisements, and correspondence and is often typed in black ink with a white or grey background consisting of folded unstapled sheets. The art of reading seems to be perishing out as more potential readers … Read more

How to look handsome?

In this growing technology and enhancing communicative world, looking handsome matters a lot because it is not strange, we meet a lot of people every day and we need to get the attention, as it became mandatory in this world, to look handsome. seriously? Let’s take an instance to consider two individuals who attend the … Read more

8 Ways to Beat Your Smart Phone Addiction

In this booming technological period smart phone addiction has became one the unsolved problem, so now lets have a look on few numerals of phone usages. Most of us are addicted to mobile phones, which are basically smartphones. Only a few has basic mobile handsets. More than 5 billion in the world own mobile devices. … Read more

Simple Ways To Increase Self-confidence

Self-confidence is simply believing in oneself  Self-Confidence word originated from the Latin word ‘fidere’ meaning, “to trust”. Self Confidence is about having belief in yourself and your potential to succeed. Self-efficacy and self-esteem often used interchangeably, with self-confidence perhaps they are subtly different. Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go … Read more

Simple 10 tips to become a fast learner

Many of us have problems in fast learning. While everyone is not born with a talent or gift to grasp details and understand faster. Few might take time than others. Learning new things is a tremendous part of our life.  In this competitive world, learning plays a vital role. What makes different is how faster … Read more