What is a newspaper?

A newspaper is a periodical publication (usually issued daily or weekly) containing written information about news, articles, advertisements, and correspondence and is often typed in black ink with a white or grey background consisting of folded unstapled sheets.

The art of reading seems to be perishing out as more potential readers turn to other sources for information, particularly internet publications like blogs, opinion sites, and short news applications.

Today most newspapers are also published on websites as online newspapers, and some have even abandoned their print versions entirely.

Why one should read newspapers?

This question had occurred even to me. However, once I started reading, it helped me to gain knowledge in various fields.

There is a lot of difference between the person who reads newspaper and one who does not.

 Reading newspapers helps to find a connection to your community, or to improve your English language.

And it can also help you to get greater knowledge about local, national or world events. Even preparing for competitive exams and all also to chill out while enjoying a coffee.

Here is a better way to get into how to read a newspaper.

Decide your reading intention.

People got their own motive to read.

Few will particularly choose categories in newspapers like crosswords, comics, editorial section, sport, political news, science and technology, astrology, job advertisements, and many more.

If you are reading for relaxation or pleasure, then your approach might be less structured.

If you are focusing on specific topic or for reading practice, then you need to spend more time and you will have to be more organized manner.

 Find a satisfied or comfortable place to read a newspaper

 Most people have their own places to read, especially when it comes to reading newspaper.

Coffee shops, outdoor seating at restaurants, buses, trains, and also your own easy chair are great places to settle in and enjoy reading. Did I forget to mention with a cup of coffee/tea?

However, when one is reading newspapers for competitive exams, they should find a calm and silent place where they can concentrate more, where there will be no disturbances or distractions.

Business, Background, Blog, Communication, Data
Choose where you want to begin in newspaper

Based on your reading purpose choose the section or article that has caught your attention.

Newspaper articles are generally written in an “inverted pyramid” structure, that is the foremost information appears at the beginning of the article, rather than the end.

usually the first paragraph is portrayed to catch the reader’s attention to read further.

A newspaper includes sections like local, national, international, editorial and opinion, letters to the editor, TV listings, movie listings and reviews, business, holidays and travel, health, real estate, and so on.

So select the sections based on your interest and reasons to read.  

If you are looking for any particular topic, article, or section this will save you time, since you do not have to hunt the newspaper blindly.

Nevertheless, my personal opinion is to start on the first page because there is a tradition in newspapers where the most important story appears at the top right of the front page.

Choosing a newspaper
Newspaper, Paper, Newsprint, Daily Newspaper

 Choosing a newspaper is correspondingly very important as different newspaper contains different information.

  • Pick a local newspaper if you are looking for community connection. Local writers will write these local newspapers (both dailies, weeklies) where you can connect to your community’s inhabitants, politics and things going on.
  • Pick a national newspaper if you want broader report, analysis, or coverage of national issues. But few newspapers publish the fusion of local and national reports.
  • Pick an international newspaper if you want a better understanding of finance and foreign policy, geopolitics etc. These international reports can level up your thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and match to people across the world.
  • Decide if you want to read an online newspaper or physical newspaper. This is entirely your perspective to select the print or an online version.
  • Pick one, which gives out news legitimately, and the opinions separately. There will be fusion of factual news and opinionated editorials.

Try out the way of reading a newspaper in which you feel comfortable, satisfied and enjoying.

Also, if you are reading to relax or for academic purposes connect, you are reading to your own life and apply your reading practically.

The best way to read and remember what you read from newspapers are; what, who, why, when, and where no matter what the sections are.


Finally yet importantly if you are reading a physical newspaper then reuse your newspaper by passing it on to a friend. And reuse it for any other purposes.

But when you pass it to your friend make sure you put all of the sections back in place when you’re done.

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