Which reaction is not a redox reaction

i) H2 + Cl2 ——> 2Hcl ii) BaCl2 + NaSo4——->BaSo4 +2NaCl iii) Zn + CuSo4——-> ZnSo4 + Cu Vi) 2Kclo3I2——->2KIO3 + Cl2 Answer BaCl2 + NaSo4——->BaSo4 +2NaCl Explanation H2 + Cl2 → 2HCl is an oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction. Oxidation: Hydrogen atoms in H2 lose electrons and become oxidized to H+ Reduction: Chlorine atoms in Cl2 … Read more

As near midnight as ever, according to scientists, the Doomsday Clock will occur in 2024.

Doomsday clock 2024: According to experts projecting the planet’s future, there is a “continuing unprecedented level of risk.” Experts predicting the possibility of a worldwide catastrophe stated that the Doomsday Clock will linger at ninety seconds to midnight after war raged in the Middle East and Ukraine in 2023. The countdown, a metaphor for a … Read more

During her struggle with intestinal cancer, Adele Roberts tears up on Dancing on Ice, receiving her greatest score to date.

On Sunday night’s episode of Dancing on Ice, professional Mark Hanretty struggled to save his routine with Adele Roberts. When the unlucky situation occurred, the two were skating to Grace Vanderwaal’s song “Clearly.” Roberts remained calm, but Hanretty was sliding across the rink. Adele, who is partnered with professional skater Mark Hanretty, thinks DOI is … Read more