Doomsday clock 2024: According to experts projecting the planet’s future, there is a “continuing unprecedented level of risk.”

Experts predicting the possibility of a worldwide catastrophe stated that the Doomsday Clock will linger at ninety seconds to midnight after war raged in the Middle East and Ukraine in 2023.

The Doomsday Clock pictured at its 2024 setting of “90 seconds to midnight”

The countdown, a metaphor for a worldwide collapse accepted by specialists at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, is revealed by scientists projecting the planet’s future. They stated that there is a “continuing unprecedented level of risk.” The clock was set to strike ninety seconds to midnight in 2023, the closest the world had ever been to total collapse. The “mounting dangers of the war in Ukraine,” according to experts, are what caused the 10 second alteration. The time had been at one minute to midnight since 2020.

What does the Doomsday Clock represent?
In 1947, scientists at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists devised the Doomsday Clock. In addition to designing and constructing the first atomic weapon as part of the Manhattan Project, the specialists also created the clock as a straightforward means of illustrating the threat to humanity and the Earth.

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