“The attitude of the guitar instrumental was totally unique in its mystery, imagination, and execution,” says Jimmy Page in honour of Link Wray’s “Rumble,” showcasing video of an unexpected performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In a new year’s post, Jimmy Page honoured one of his musical heroes and looked back on his unexpected November 3rd appearance at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

The former guitarist for Led Zeppelin writes on Instagram: “I was asked to induct Link Wray into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame this November; he is a guitarist, instrumentalist, and songwriter that I have admired since the Rumble.””I first heard it when I was 14, roaring from a jukebox in my hometown of Epsom,” Page says. “As an instrumental guitar piece, its mystique, inventiveness, and skill were entirely original — it left a lasting impression on me.Page featured in a video tribute to the late American guitarist Jeff Beck, along with Iggy Pop, the late Jeff Beck, and The Band’s Robbie Robertson, who passed away earlier in 2023, during the November 4 ceremony at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn last year.

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