Cheaper period pants will be available as the product tax is removed.

Period trousers are a kind of reusable, machine-washable absorbent pants that can be used in place of or in addition to disposable items like tampons and sanitary towels. They are gaining popularity, and while switching to them is frequently motivated by the desire to reduce plastic waste, for some people they may also be more comfortable and practical.

Recently, the UK government eliminated the value-added tax on period trousers, resulting in a £2 price reduction per pair. Shops like Tesco and Marks & Spencer have pledged to give the savings to their customers.

About fifty stores, including Marks & Spencer and Wuka, signed a letter to the Treasury in August requesting that the government abolish the VAT on period trousers.

They promised in the letter to directly pass along any tax savings to their clients “so they feel the benefit of the cost-saving immediately.”

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