You would be curious or the necessity of certain awful conditions in your life makes you to find out how to love yourself?

The basic fundamental is we as human are connected through a bond called “love”. Its easy to love someone but loving yourself will not be that easy in the initial stages.

There are sometimes where you will celebrate who you are and  feel confident in yourself and in your abilities. But there are times too, where you will feel insecure, unlovable, useless, lonely and much more, and finally a big bundle of sadness.

So, what’s all about this loving yourself? why to love yourself? and how to love yourself?

What is loving yourself?

In simple just take the way you’re, love the way you like to live. Its all just accept you to yourself. Its so simple, isn’t it? Come on, it sounds so simple but not that easy to achieve it.

Why to love yourself?

Firstly, understand this one thing in your life, you are absolutely the most very important person in your entire universe, no matter who is in your life.

The ultimate truth is that only you will have to lead your life, take decisions on your own, take credits for all good and bad things in your life, born alone and going to die alone.

This doesn’t mean you’re completely alone throughout your life. There are your parents, your siblings, your friends, your partners with you, but consequently its just you. Because it’s your life.

Here are some methods to love yourself

  1. Never degrades yourself
  2. Do things you love.
  3. Live for you.
  4. Learn to self-care.
  5. Know yourself.
  6. Write down in journal, what you like and what not.
  7. Travel alone.

Never degrade yourself

  • Don’t degrade yourself telling you are nothing, you are in capable of doing big things, I’m stupid, and much more.
  • I would say its not only about you, its also about the bad situations that makes you degrade yourself.
  • Importantly understand that just like good times even bad times do not last long. And the only thing you can do is to stay positive and unshakable.

Do things you love

  • Do whatever you love to do. Never give priority to people’s talk about you. People talking behind is something like never-ending sessions. They talk even when you are drowning in difficult times, they also talk when you are flying high in the sky. So, don’t care, just be you.

Live for you

  • Never live for other person, if you don’t understand this elementary thing in the initial stage it will be difficult for you to digest once you lose the person.
  • Just live your life only for you and for no one else.

Learn to self-care

  • Learn how to care yourself. Its easy to care for someone but its also equally important for you to take care of you.
  • Its good if you have someone who care for you. But I personally suggest than loving others loving yourself is the best thing because loving someone is always hurting, which in turn affects your life.
  • Take care of you completely, even in silly things from food, health, your positives to your negatives.
  • Don’t think as loving yourself is selfish thing, no its not. Its necessity.

Know yourself

  • First learn who you are. Its impossible to love yourself if you don’t even know who you are. Spend time on you to know what you like, what you don’t, what you believe.
  • Its possible to love yourself only when you thoroughly know about yourself. So, spend time on you rather than spending time on other’s and useless things.

Write down in journal

  • Write down in journal what is making you sad, list out, doing so you can actually feel it real.
  • Every night write down things what made you happy and sad, and try overcome sad things one by one next day.

I love me

  • Love yourself. No matter who you are and what you are. Just accept all your past flaws, all your success, in simple, all you.
  • Loving yourself represents how you love others, it’s like blueprint for others how your love is. It’s OK if no one’s love you, it’s completely fine. Not everyone knows the value of love, especially unconditional love.

Travel alone

  • Travelling alone is the best thing one can enjoy in your life. Traveling alone can boost your self confidence.
  • Travelling alone makes you know a lot about yourself. Just go wherever you want and explore nature and yourself.
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