Building a habit is a very good path to success and self-improvement. Creating a habit will enhance your confidence. Understanding how to create or build habits is crucial for making progress in your happiness, health, and overall life in general.

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Our whole life in general is the sum of our habits.  What we repeatedly think, do, our repeated actions on daily basis form the person we are.  Habits could be bad or good. Creating good habits will take more time than bad ones.

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Creating habits will take a little bit of preparation that is with a small sum of initial discipline, consistency.

Let’s check what can be done to create good habits.

  • Specify the habit your want to form. Having good habits that are in line with the goals that you want to accomplish can enhance your opportunities of completing your goals. Set your intentions clearly.
  •  Take simple steps by starting in a simple way. Don’t try to completely change your lifestyle or life in one day. It’s a human tendency to get over motivated and take that zeal on too much.  
  • For example, if you wanted to practice any skill for 2 hours a day, first make the habit to go for thirty minutes and gradually increase it. If you make changes that are too drastic, you may not be able to keep up with all of them.

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  • Remove the distractions or temptations which hinders the way from creating habits. Rebuild your environment by removing junk from your place and make it easy fir forming the habits.
  • When you slip, get back in track quickly. It is natural that to commit mistakes, and get off track or path just like others. But getting back on track as quickly as possible makes the difference.
  • Stay consistent, the more consistent your habit the easier will be to stick to it .
  • Track your progress,  use a journal or an app to help you keep track of your performance. 
  • Know the consequences of not forming a habit,  this will remind you to maintain the consistency.
  • Reward yourself after completion of each tasks on a daily basis 
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