Here is an article on how to manage time in simple and easy ways.

Have you ever wondered seeing others that how do they accomplish the tasks and do not keep any pending works, when you and the other person got the same time 24×7?

None of us is born productive. It’s the culture of managing time. Everyone got 24hours but it’s not used properly and we might end up stacking the tasks.   So, you just have to manage your time and invest in productive things to accomplish your goals.

What’s time management?

It’s the capacity to use one’s time effectively or productively to increase the good results.

  • It’s the method of scheduling and exercising attentive control of time used up on specific activities, especially to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.
  • Time management for students (generally everyone) is about being preplanned with your day.
  • It’s about taking control of what time you have and upgrading it for productivity focus to complete the tasks and more overall these, it’s about equilibrium or balance.
  • It’s an important skill to develop. If you master this skill then it will help you reach the best, leading to success in schools and also in various other fields like work, etc.
  • It is a skill used to organize time when completing particular tasks, projects and goals acknowledging with a due period.  
  • Managing time is to manage yourself.

Set realistic goals and rewards to manage time

  • Setting goals is crucial for planning by setting goals you can create proper targets and give time accordingly.
  • If you know your ambitions or goals it takes with a clear path to success if you put effort and also maximizes your productivity.
  • After every goal is achieved you can reward yourself to motivate you to move further and accomplish many things.

Build routine

  • Making a chore or task as a habit makes you easier to complete the work.
  • Habit is powerful once you get used doing the same thing each day, it means that getting through your task will take that bit less effort.
  • Make time for every task and make it as a habit so without any effort you tend to complete the tasks.

Set crystal clear deadlines to manage time

  • When you don’t know when to complete the tasks it might be difficult for you to keep track of your time.
  • It’s easier to be on time and complete everything when it should be done if you set a clear deadline for every task.
  • Mark deadline on your calendars or the list of chores, phone and set reminders.

Complete the difficult task first to manage time

  • When you complete the most difficult task or job on your list, it motivates you to do easier tasks and complete every task. It leads to more efficiency.
  • Do the task that causes you the most fear or anxiety.
  • There will be no stress when you complete the toughest one first. It frees you up mentally and emotionally.

Recognize distractions in your life

  • Don’t spend time on unnecessary things which consumes your precious time. 
  • Get rid of distractions whether it could be a phone, surfing the web excessively.
  • Clear out all the disturbances which could absorb your time.

Beat procrastination to manage time effectively

  • Don’t let procrastination to take over your day.
  • Be aware of how much time you got or left to complete the task and be responsible for its completion.
  • If you procrastinate then you’ll have to do the piled-up work along with the present chores too which will pressurize you mentally and physically.

To know more about procrastination check out how to overcome procrastination?

One task at a time

  • When you multitask, you are splitting your focus between tasks, hence your work efficiency declines.
  • Multitasking also wastes your time.
  • Put all your energy into what you are doing at that present moment and then move on to your next activity.
  • Take one activity at a time and complete it to get the best output.

The above mentioned are some of the ways to manage time in order to lead a productive life. You can also keep these points in your mind.

  • Avoid over scheduling
  • Get 8-9 hours of sleep
  • Break up big tasks
  • Use a checklist
  • Be organized
  • Be consistent
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