Here, lets take a look at how you can change your Gmail password on android phone.

We are living in the digital world where we use lot of applications on our phone, laptops, tablets etc. Lot of people use Gmail for personal as well as for official purposes. It is very important and need to change password of your Gmail account to secure it from hackers. Changing passwords frequently can safe your account from hacking attacks.

Here are steps involved in changing your Gmail account password on android.

STEP:1 Open your Gmail app on your phone and tap settings and press on your email id.

If you are using more than one Gmail account then make sure to which account you wish to change the password and tap on same email id.

STEP:2 Tap on manage your Google Account.

After doing this you will be directed to this page.

STEP:3 Search for security and tap on same.

STEP:2 Tap on signing into google where you can see password.

Step:3 Again you have to sign in using your old password to verify if it’s really you trying to change the password.

Before you type your new password make sure you use combination of uppercase, lower case letters, symbols and numbers along with it. Because always use very strong password to your Gmail account that no can guess what your password is. Never use very easy that can lead to hack your accounts by guessing it.

Step:4 You’ll get a page where you can enter your new password and confirm same.

Yes!!That’s done. It’s so simple right. In this way you can change your Gmail password. Keep changing your passwords frequently without fail!

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