Club Chaplain Jordan Is Gazing Toward 2024

TUAFC Club Chaplain Jordan Williams has shared a festive message with the Yellow Army as the New Year approaches.

Regarding the Yellow Army,
As 2023 draws to a close and 2024 gets underway, I’m sure we can all look back on our individual and collective highs and lows.

Beyond just this year, we can look back on a number of years’ worth of incredible highs, depressing lows, and significant developments.

Christmas serves as a reminder of the existence—or absence—of a caring community in our surroundings. I wish I could claim that there won’t be any difficulties in 2024. Sadly, we are all aware that is untrue. Who we let around us as we face those difficulties is crucial.

What I love about Torquay United is the family and community that we all are together. We may not always agree, but it is important that we continue to support one another and the Club moving forward. To show respect, love and kindness to everyone we meet. The heart of the Christmas message is that God himself came to earth in the form of a baby to be close to us. To become a part of the community of support each one of us can experience and know.
The challenges of a new year don’t have to be faced by us alone. Whether you believe in God or not, we can all feel the love and support of friends, family, coworkers, other supporters, and a God who reached out to humanity.

I pray that everyone who supports Torquay United, whether they are 90 years old or only a few days old, has a year filled with hope, joy, and peace. And that we would all benefit from a promotion together!

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