We’re tracking narratives for the 2023 NFL season.

Crucial dates to keep in mind:

• The NFL regular season for 2023 begins today and ends on January 7, 2024.

• The 2004 playoffs are slated to begin on January 13 and end on January 28.

• Super Bowl LVIII will take place in Las Vegas on February 11, 2024.

Taylor Swift’s NFL era: As the 2023 NFL regular season draws to a close, it’s evident that Taylor Swift and Travie Kelce were the season’s biggest stories. Swift’s visits to NFL stadiums, such as Lambeau, Gillette, and Arrowhead, sparked a frenzy among Swifties of all ages that almost overtook the league. Millions of new fans were introduced to football by the pop hit, while football purists found the intrusion and Swift-related attention unsettling. Since Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce appear to be going strong, fans should anticipate seeing Taylor in the stands at Kansas City Chiefs games as long as her schedule permits.

Fans of football might find it a little bothersome. We’re all just living in Taylor’s world, one era at a time, if the attention (and new audience) she brought to professional NFL football by simply showing up wasn’t enough evidence

Is it the year of the Cowboys? There is an emotional commitment as big as Texas involved in being a Dallas Cowboys fan. Fans last season ripped apart quarterback Dak Prescott’s winning record of most interceptions thrown in the 2022–2023 season—and not in a pleasant way.

This season, Dak has reduced the number of interceptions he has made, and in Week 14, the Cowboys accomplished the unimaginable by knocking off the formidable Philadelphia Eagles from atop the NFC East. But it’s the kind of play that wears Cowboys fans down, as demonstrated by the team’s 31-10 surprise loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 15.

This season, the Cowboys may make it all the way to the Super Bowl, but not before putting Cowboys supporters through an emotional rollercoaster more suited for a theme park.

Baltimore, good morning. In recent years, a significant amount of time on NFL sports broadcasts has been devoted to debating the skill level—or lack thereof—of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

This season is no exception for Lamar, who has always been a dynamic scrambler out of the pocket. Lamar is going to enjoy some of his best seasons to date.

Lamar is met (again) with MVP chants at every step. Even though the Ravens don’t have the same level of fanfare as the Chiefs or Eagles, Lamar is already making a case for the team to win the MVP award. The Ravens are definitely a Super Bowl candidate. Here’s your chance to join the Ravens bandwagon if you don’t mind being branded a “bandwagon” by the adolescent in your life. You shouldn’t find out, and neither will we.

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