TV on New Year’s Eve: Danny Boyle’s energetic stage adaptation of The Matrix

Be ready for an engaging experience. Also, Graham Norton toasts to the year in style alongside Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo, two Hollywood luminaries.

Here are the shows to watch this evening.

Jack Seale, Graeme Virtue, Alexi Duggins, and Phil Harrison

Sunday, December 31, 2023, at 06:01 GMT

In 2023, Manchester’s Aviva Studios hosted the world premiere of Danny Boyle’s stage adaptation of the movie that gave rise to a thousand conspiracy theories. It is now a promising immersive treat that has been modified for the small screen. Expect scale and ambition as the long, flowing dance sequences took up the entire area during the original live performance. The red pill is coming; are you ready? Philip Harriso

Source The guardian

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