The evidence which shows the existence of Aryan or Aryan culture, where concentrated in the blend of texts like RIGVEDA, THE ZEND-AVESTA AND HOMERS ILLAD AND ODYSSEY. As per evidence this people lived in the temperate climate and they domesticated the horses which were used for riding and for driving carts. (INORMATION REGARDING HORSE IN HARAPPAN), Which shows, spoked wheels were used, and it was male dominated society.

This period texts dates roughly to late Neolithic and early bronze age.  Which may cover the places like eastern Europe and central Asia.


  • Horse played major role in the Aryan culture, which was called as asva in the rig Veda period which as repeated 215 times in rig Veda. And during that period many persons names were also horse centered.
  • As per rig Veda many gods at that time are devoted with there vehicles with horse lets take a example of Indra, the maruts.
  • It is significant that the large number of horses appear to have been in the area between the Dnieper River in the west and the Volga River in the east.  The earliest evidence of the horse is found in the south Ural region and the black sea area in the sixth millennium B.C in the fourth millennium BC, the horse is found is found in Anatolia which lay close to the Black sea. 
  • The chariot race prescribed n the vajapeya sacrifice of the later Vedic texts was also a Greek practice.
  • Dasharatha, meaning the Mitanni king a person possessing ten chariots.
  • A spoked wheel is neither identified at Harappan nor Mohenjo-Daro where all the toy carts found so far show solid wheels.  Banawali in Hissar district in Haryana is associated with the use of spoked wheels in the Harappan period, but this seems to be a post Harappan phase.
  • Pirak complex located near the Bolan Pass in the Kachi plains of Baluchistan shows the earliest true horse is south Asia around 1700BC. The surkotada horse from the Kutch are may been contemporary to pirak horse. 
  • The fire altar or vedi is mentioned in the Rig Veda, and fire worship is very important in the Avesta.
  • Horse sacrificed was typical of the Indo-Europeans, particularly of the Vedic people. 
  • There is a genetic signal which can show the evidence of proof that migration of the Indo-Aryan from central Asia to India.

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