The CEO of Zerodha, Nithin Kamath, disclosed on Monday how his father-in-law, Shivaji Patil, a 70-year-old retired Army official, taught him the principles of leading a decent life in a photo he shared with him. Mr. Patil made a voluntary retirement from the Indian Army as a Havaldar to open his own grocery store in Belgaum, Karnataka, according to a lengthy Instagram post by Mr. Kamath.

Speaking about his way of life, he stated, “He is 70 years old but frequently rides his decades-old scooter for the specially-abled to the neighbourhood market to buy groceries for the business. My mother-in-law, who assists him in managing the house and shop, is his only source of assistance.

Despite his and his wife Seema Patil’s prosperity, Kamath remarked that his father-in-law doesn’t want to quit working.

Kamath has learned from Patil’s attitude what actual contentment implies and how it leads to real freedom. Even regarding losing his fingers in the war, Kamath continued, “I have never seen him desire anything or moan.

He still has a gleam in his eye when I inquire about the margins for various items in the store. He mentions making a 25% profit on chikkis by purchasing a box for Rs.200 and selling each one for Rs.250, the CEO of Zerodha said.

Internet users posted their opinions in the comments area:

One person commented, “That’s such a heartwarming story.” One more said, “What a dude! Despite all of your financial success, he still opts to be his own man…How amazing and motivating is that?

“Wealth is not measured by material possessions, but rather by a state of inner peace & satisfaction,” a third person commented.

“The true wealth is in being content. Few people in their lifetimes will comprehend this. Bravo.”

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