Many of us have problems in fast learning. While everyone is not born with a talent or gift to grasp details and understand faster. Few might take time than others. Learning new things is a tremendous part of our life. 

In this competitive world, learning plays a vital role. What makes different is how faster you learn things. But anyone can expand and develop their learning and memorization techniques. These techniques may not necessarily work in all situations, as complex topics need more reflection and study.

so, how to become a quick learner.

Let’s find out how to learn faster in easy ways.

‘You aren’t learning anything when you’re talking.’

Lyndon B. Johnson

 Recognize your learning style

We all receive and process information in different ways.

There are different styles of learning. It’s necessary to know which works best for you to learn faster. In psychology, there are mainly 4 different styles of learning.

It includes

Visual learning:-  In this type of learning style, learners learn best by seeing pictures and charts when they read books.

Auditory learners:- in this type, learners learn best when they can listen to information.

Reading/writing:- Here learners, learn best by reading and writing down things they want to learn.

Kinesthetic learners:-  In this type, learners learn best through touch, movement and through physical experiments. They are also called tactile learners or physical learning.

Neither of the learning approaches is wrong but they are just different. One works for one person, the other works for another. You must know your learning style to learn faster.

10 ways to be a better learner

  1. Readout loud
  • This might be silly or something usually associated with children or unsophisticated readers.
  • Researchers have found that reading words aloud made the easiest to remember when compared to silent readers.
  • Of course, silent reading has its benefits especially in libraries but if the situation allows repeating important information aloud to yourself or telling to your study partner can be extremely productive.
  • Reading aloud doesn’t mean you should disturb people who are next to you or nearby. It should not be disturbing to others. this will help you to become a fast learner.
man wearing black crew neck shirt reading book

2. Use mnemonics

Mnemonic is a memory technique where pattern of letters, ideas, or associations which helps in remembering things.

Our brains like to remember memorable things. Numbers, vocabulary words, dates and names aren’t very memorable, which in turn will make you fast learner.

Make it possible to learn funnily by creating stories or songs which helps you to learn faster and also makes learning happy and easier.

So the key to making anything easier to remember is simply to make it memorable. There are many ways of learning mnemonic some of them comprises of

  • Expression mnemonic
  • Music mnemonic
  • Rhyming mnemonic

If there’s anything you want to learn, faster than ever, using mnemonics is better.

3.Make notes/writing down what you have learned using pen and paper

  • When you want to convert information or details into knowledge researchers have found that you should be writing down what you learn by hand using pen and paper.
  • Taking notes on paper, makes it easier for your brain to understand and absorb it.
  • Handwritten notes are more effective for most people than typing notes on a computer or smartphones.
  • Taking notes doesn’t mean to copy the entire textbooks. Just write the key words for better understanding and to learn easily.
  • Make notes in points or bulletins after completing each chapter. Highlight the key points using highlighters. So you don’t need to go through entire notes. You can just remember the key points to be a fast learner.

4.Focus when you are listening for the first time

  • The best way to be a fast learner is to make sure that you are attentive or alert when things are explained to you for the first time.
  • Even the smallest disturbance in your focus can cause the information not to stick properly in your brain.
  • Be attentive in the classes or be alert when someone is explaining.
  • Focus plays a vital role to become a faster learner. Learning to focus will also help to become more productive in your academic or professional career.

5.Learn from your mistakes is key to become fast learner

  • Making mistakes is better than faking perfection.
  • Mistakes help us learn faster as it increases your chances of remembering them even if you get it wrong.
  • Mistakes make us learn and teach valuable lessons from them. That’s how the learning process is also. You will not get anything without the taste of mistakes and failure.
  • You should take responsibility for any outcome in your life whether it could be success or failure but acknowledge your mistakes.
  • So here are a few questions you can ask yourself to make you better next time
  • What did I do wrong?
  • How can I make it better next time?
  • What lesson did I learn from this mistake?
  • So pay attention to your mistakes, no matter how small or big the mistake is and recognize it and learn from it to become better.


  • This is the most important part of learning where most of the students fail to do.
  • We become enthusiastic once we complete the syllabus and believe that we know everything that we have learned for once.
  • But it is impossible to recollect all the information which read for just one time.
  • Even if you don’t complete the entire syllabus and just know a few things then revision helps to your score better.
  • Researches show that students perform better who revised many times than who just read once or twice.
  • This is the most powerful technique used by competitive exam aspirants to clear the toughest exams.
  • Recalling things will help you to retain in your brain for a longer time and also boosts your confidence level.

7.Minimize the distractions

The most obvious distractions to anyone nowadays is cell phones, internet, television, social media etc. When you have to learn something faster you’ll have to keep away all these things during your study time.

  • A good focus is very important to learn without any distractions.
  • Clear all the distractive things from your learning area.
  • Turn off the notifications or better switch off your phone to have good focus without getting distracted.
  • Choose a quiet and comfortable place to learn.
  • Keep your study area clean. The cleanroom also means fewer distractions.

8.Teach others to be a fast learner

  • When you teach another person you gain a greater understanding and retain what you’ve learned better.
  • It helps to recall learned things in a very productive way.
  • Learners who spend time teaching others to show better understanding and knowledge retention than learners who simply spend time ln restudying.
  • If you are alone don’t worry, read out loud the information what you have learned or just stand in front of the mirror and explain it to yourself. This also boosts your confidence.

9. Stay hydrated

  • Our brains need proper hydration to function normally.
  • Brian cells require a delicate balance between water and various elements to operate and when you lose too much water the balance is disturbed.
  • Your brain is about 73% water, when your brain is functioning on a full reserve of water you will be able to think faster, be more focused, and can learn faster.
  • So drinking water efficiently is also important to learn faster apart from learning techniques or strategies.

10. Get an adequate amount of sleep

  • A good amount of sleep appears to be important for factual memory.
  • Healthy sleep keeps us in the right state find to take in information and also retains that information over the long term.
  • Healthy sleep strengthens connections between brain cells and transfers information from one brain region to another.
  • It just not remember old things but also synthesize new ideas.
  • The brain needs at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep to sort through your experiences and function normally.

The above-mentioned methods are the most effective ways to learn things faster. Apart from these good healthy diet, regular physical exercise, yoga, meditation, multiple switching of subjects without multitasking, etc. helps to learn but it takes time.

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