Not only is Google adding advanced AI capabilities to the Pixel 8 Pro today, but the company is not stopping there. Along with two significant software updates for the 8 Pro, the company is also releasing a ton of new tricks for other Pixel devices as part of its December feature drop.

Starting today,

Video Boost

—which is unique to Google’s larger flagship—will be accessible. As per Google’s blog post, it “uploads your videos to the cloud where our computational photography models adjust color, lighting,

stabilization and graininess.” You then get a modified video that “looks true to life.” Since nobody has had a chance to test this out much yet, we’re all going to discover together where Video Boost functions well and

However, there are a ton of additional features and a large drop in December. Google Photos now has a new Balance portrait light mode that removes harsh shadows from photos, including ones that are already in your library. Additionally, Photo Unblur now sharpens faces more accurately, including those of dogs and cats in addition to people. With regard to the Pixel Fold specifically, a new feature called “dual screen preview” will allow you to frame a shot with the internal display while the camera previews what’s seen on the outside screen. This allows your friends to get a last look and strike the perfect pose before you press the shutter.

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