Mauryas and Kushans is a lesson from class 8th Karnataka state syllabus. In this article we are making only important notes from the state test book, which will help for students and aspirants who are preparing for karnataka state government exams like KPSC AND KEA.

NOTE ON MAURYAS and mauryas and kushans important questions

The Mauryan empire was the first Indian empire. They ruled the kingdom from Magadha. Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara and Ashoka are the prominent kings of this dynasty. The dynasty was established by Chandragupta Maurya. The Greek ambassador Megasthenes recorded the fame of Chandragupta in ‘Indica’ and immortalized him.

The contents of ‘Indica’ are not known to us since this work has been lost. But certain descriptive excerpts have been found in the works of some Greek writers. Chanakya was Chandragupta’s minister. He became widely known as Kautilya. His ideas are described in the work ‘Arthashastra.

manuscript of Arthashastra written by Kautilya. The Arthashastra is not merely economics as understood by the western world. Arthashastra containes topics like principles of administration of a kingdom, the responsibilities of a king and his ministers, foreign policy, financial management, etc. Stress is laid on the spy network and military system. Even after thousands of years, Kautilya’s Arthashastra.

Many of the edicts issued by Ashoka are in Prakrit. They are in Brahmi script. Ashoka’s rock edicts have been found at Brahmagiri, in Karnataka.

The capital found in the Sarnath pillar of Ashoka has been adopted by the Indian government as National Emblem.

Taxila was the gateway to north-west India. Ujjain was the route to trade from north to south. Kalinga was the gateway to the sea through the river Ganges. Suvarnagiri was in the Deccan region, i.e., the modern Karnataka. 

The kushans

The founder of this dynasty was Kujalakadphisus. Vimakadphisus and Kanishka are the noteworthy kings of this dynasty.

After the Greeks, it has been the Kushans who have influenced Indian history and culture. They gave special impetus to the spread of Buddhism. The Mahayana sect received greater encouragement under their patronage. Gandhara sculpture flourished during their time.

They had migrated to India from Central Asia. They were the progeny of Yuchi. The Sakas and the Parthians were the other foreign communities that had settled in the north-western part of India. The Kushans defeated the Sakas and the Parthians, and settled in the Gandhara region.

Kanishka came after Vimakadphisus. During his reign, the

Kushan dynasty flourished greatly. He established his rule in 78 C.E. and heralded a new era. This era is called the ‘Saka’ era.

some important fill up the blanks from text book

mauryas and kushans important questions

1 chanakya came to be known as __________. Kautilya

2 The capital of the Mauryas was ___________. Pataliputra, Taxila, Ujjain, Kalinga and Suvarnagiri

3 The founder of the Kushan dynasty was __________.  Kujalakadphisus.

4 The new era of Kanishka’s reign is called the ____saka era


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