Here is an article on government jobs vs private jobs. Read below to know more about these two sectors and analyze clearly to select which you need.


If you’re a final year student or be it a graduate after so many years of hard work on your studies finally the time has come to get a perfect dream job you have been waiting all these years. Since you’re in the beginning stages of exploring the world of jobs, it is natural to end up in a confused state in choosing the government or private sector.

Most of the youngsters who graduated or post-graduated wait for any government job rather than getting a reasonable  appropriate jobs. Government jobs or the public sector is one of the largest employers in our country with over 17.61 million Indians and over 12 million employed in the private sector.

So let’s look into the parameters of both government and private jobs to make it easier to choose one of those.

Job security

Government job – Job security guaranteed. Bordered by employee security or protection and has to show reasonable justification of conduct violation for a termination. Government jobs are considerably more stable and it will only be fired when their activities or performance is a major issue. It is very little chance that one may ever lose his/ her job as a government employee. This sector not affected by a poor economy.

Private job –If a recession hits the economy, in recent years private companies fire a lot of employees to cut down their costs. You cannot assure that you’ll be working in the same company or place even after 5 years.  If the private sector is suffering a loss then your job may be at stake or at risk.

Promotions or Job growth

Government job –  Limited to average job growth. Promotions are usually time-based and performance-based characteristics. In this sector, senior designations or identifications though are most powerful but come only after years of patience. The promotion that an employee gets is very significant and powerful.

Private job – This sector is well known for its regard to creation or performance and employee motivation. There are more hikes in this sector comparatively, and the period for the promotions is not very long. There will be regular appraisals and promotions based on one’s performance.

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Government job –  This sector has quite competitive entry-level salaries. The pay commission revision has enhanced the pay level. One can be very confident that one can get their payment on time.

Private job – It’s an assumption that private jobs pay more than government jobs. The public sector is in the ing place in the race of salaries.

Job opportunities/ Competition

Government job –  Fewer openings and depends on factors like age, gender, number of availability etc.  Many wishes to accomplish a government job but they might not be able to succeed due to limited vacancies and tough competition. One should spend an ample amount of time for the preparation of exams.

Private job – This sector has comparatively more jobs and there are more chances of people getting hired and doesn’t mean that getting a private job is easy but here the time is taken for hiring and the probability of getting recruited is more and soon.

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Benefits/ flexibility

 Government job –  Apart from a fixed monthly salary, the public sector provides other perks and benefits. Pensionable till death, housing the facility, free health care, get all types of allowances like dearness allowances and travelling allowances to cover all your extra expenditures. You can travel anywhere in the country with concessions! There will be an maximum number of holidays and the working hours are also leisure. There will be more flexible working hours.  

Private job – There is very few benefits compared to the public sectore aware there few differences between these two sectors in this view. You’ll find many great benefits.

The working hour here is very valuable and every minute of the work the hour is evaluated.  

Work like balance

Government job –  More relaxed and government employees can spend enough hours at home and with loved ones. It has a minimum workload as everyone is aware of it and provides more comfort. A government employee knows exactly which days he/she is going little and for how long, hence providing a more satisfactory lifestyle. Gets maximum vacations to spend.

Private job  Here there will be fixed hours and the working hours are more and stringent. The deadline of works is more important. 

Here it’s the target-driven tasks which mean there are certain goals to be fulfilled by each employee. So you get very less time to spend with your loved ones and is quite difficult to manage your work-life.

Work from home

Government job – This option is not available in this sector where government employees are mandatory called to the workplace even during pandemics or in emergencies.

Private job – This choice is provided by many private companies offer to their employees. When there are situations that can not physically be present at the office, one can request and choose to work from home.






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