Two of the most senior members of the British royal family are dealing with health issues. Prince William’s wife, Catherine, the Princess of Wales, will have abdominal surgery in London on Tuesday, and King Charles III will have treatment for an enlarged prostate the following week.

The couple’s Kensington Palace office states that Catherine will be admitted to the hospital for ten to fourteen days, following which she will recover for two to three months. Buckingham Palace stated that the king’s treatment is a “corrective procedure” for a common, benign disease, and that they anticipate a quicker recovery.

Catherine in 2023

The only information provided by Kensington Palace on Catherine’s ailment was that it was “not cancerous,” and that the planned procedure had gone well. No other information was provided. It stated that the 42-year-old princess will recover at home following her release from the hospital and wouldn’t resume her public duties until after Easter.

In a four-paragraph news release, Kensington Palace stated, “Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales was admitted to the London Clinic yesterday for planned abdominal surgery.” The statement said, “She hopes the public will understand her desire to keep her children’s lives as normal as possible, as well as her wish for her private medical information to remain private.”

William, the heir apparent, has postponed several commitments in order to spend more time with Kate and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Although the Palace verified Kate’s ailment was not malignant, they would not say what she was being treated for.

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