1. The constitutional position of president of india is most closely similar to

  • A. Russian President
  • B. British Prime Minister
  • C. British Monarch
  • D.US President

ANS:C. British Monarch

2. The Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities act was passed in

  • A. 1974
  • B.1975
  • C.1976
  • D.1977

ANS: A. 1974

3. Rajya Sabha has equal powers with Lok Sabha in:

  • A. Amending the Constitution
  • B.The matter of creating new all India services
  • C.The removal of the government
  • D.Making cut motions

ANS: A. Amending the Constitution

4. A constitutional government by definition is

  • A. popular government
  • B.government by legislature
  • C.Limited government
  • D.Multi party government

ANS: C. Limited government

5. Which part of the Constitution of India declares the ideal of Welfare state?

  • A. Seventh schedule
  • B.Directive principles of state policy
  • C.Preamble
  • D.Fundamental rights

ANS: B. Directive principles of state policy

6. Austin propounded his theory of sovereignty in the book

  • A. Two Treatises of Government
  • B. Lectures on Jurisprudence
  • C. Early History of Institutions
  • D. The modern state

ANS: Lectures on Jurisprudence

7. The Constitution of Indian draws its authority from

  • A. The Indian Independence Act, 1947
  • B. The Constituent Assembly
  • C. The people of Indian
  • D. The Government of India Act, 1935

ANS : C. The people of Indian

8. Constitution of India guarantees which of the following to the states of India?

  • A Territorial Integrity
  • B Sovereignty
  • C Right to secede from Union
  • D None of them

ANS : D None of them

9. What can be the maximum strength of Rajya Sabha?

  • A 245
  • B 250
  • C 255
  • D 260

ANS : B 250

10. Economic and social planning comes under which of the following?

  • A Union List
  • B State List
  • C Concurrent List
  • D None of the above

ANS : C Concurrent List

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