1. In which year, Bharat Ratna was announced for Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose?

[A] 1988
[B] 1991
[C] 1992
[D] 1996

Answer: C [1992]

2. Who concluded the Treaty of Amritsar with Ranjit Singh in 1809?

[A] Lord Minto I
[B] Lord Hastings
[C] Lord Amherst
[D] Lord Wellesley

Answer:  A [Lord Minto I]

3. The French factory at Masulipatam was set up in which year?

[A] 1664
[B] 1666
[C] 1669
[D] 1675

Answer: C [1669]

4. Sabarmati Ashram was established by Gandhiji in which year?

[A] 1915
[B] 1918
[C] 1920
[D] 1930

Answer: A [ 1915 ]

5. Which of the following viceroy is regarded as the catalyst of Indian nationalism?

[A] Lord Minto
[B] Lord Dalhousie
[C] Lord Canning
[D] Lord Curzon

Answer: D [Lord Curzon]

6. In which of the following year did the Kakori conspiracy case took place?

[A] 1920
[B] 1925
[C] 1930
[D] 1935

Answer: B [1925]

7. The battle of St. Thome was fought beside which of the following rivers?

[A] Vaigai
[B] Cheyyar
[C] Adyar
[D] Vellar

Answer: C [Adyar]

8. One of the popular contributions of Ranjit Singh was the rebuilt of Harmandir Sahib. What is another name of Harmandir Sahib?

[A] Durgiana Temple
[B] Golden Temple
[C] Mukteswar Mahadev Temple
[D] Gurdwara Manji Sahib

B [Golden Temple]

9. Who of the following is the writer of the book “The Indian Mussalmans”?

[A] Syed Ahmad
[B] Shah Waliullah
[C] Abd al-Wahhab
[D] William Wilson Hunter

Answer: D [William Wilson Hunter

10 Who among the following was the founder of Navavidhan Brahmo Samaj?

[A] Devendranath Tagore
[B] Rammohan Roy
[C] Anandamohan Basu
[D] Keshav Chandra Sen

D [Keshav Chandra Sen]

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