In the event that exceptionally cold weather is predicted for seven days in a row in their location, pensioners and low-income Britons may be eligible for £25 in assistance.

If there is a local trigger, the payments are paid automatically.

Up until Friday at noon, there is a health alert for the amber cold in the North West, the Midlands, the South West, and the South East of England.

After the light snowfall on Monday, Tuesday is expected to be mostly dry but still quite chilly. According to the Met Office, temperatures in the south will not rise above 1°C or 3°C.

People struggling in the snow

People who need financial assistance during extremely cold weather can apply for the cold weather payment.

The winter fuel payment, which is a distinct assistance programme for paying your heating expenses, is not the same as these payments.

In Scotland, the winter heating payment may be received in lieu of the cold weather payment, which is no longer in effect. This is provided irrespective of the local meteorological conditions.

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