Here is an article about things to do to fill your free time.

Boredom can feel ridiculous to avoid.   And it’s a state of mind and common feelings every human can encounter. When we get a little bit of downtime, it’s quite challenging to know what to do with it.

You would’ve run through all the movies on Netflix, done with using the phone for so long and sleeping more than required and seeking something new to do within the four walls.

Doing productive or things that make you happy in your free time will increase your creativity, confidence and sense of fulfilment.

So let’s find out what can be done to fill your free time. Let’s start!!

Learn new skills

Make use of your free time as a chance to pick up knowledge where you wanted to master any skill which you thought of earlier.

Learn new skills like public speaking, negotiation, update your resume, learn to code, technical writing, Microsoft excel,  Microsoft word, digital marketing, photography skills, calligraphy, painting, drawing, learn programming, video editing, etc.


Try home workouts, join a live yoga class, improve your elasticity, meditate, dance, learn new gymnastics moves, try new face masks, try new workouts.

Also try exercise to stay in a better physical shape, run on cardio enhancing machines, get into sports, try indoor games or board games, etc

Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease

Organize your space

Declutter your room, office,  house by throwing out unwanted stuff.

Organize your makeup products, declutter jewelry, clean your desk, wardrobe, showcase, bookshelf, shoe rack, organize your desktop.

You can also kill your time by freeing up phone storage,  delete apps that you don’t use, organize your files, rearrange the furniture, organize your planner, do your laundry, etc.,

Try fun activities

Spend time with your pets, listen to podcasts, try domino trail, create a new music playlist,  play an instrument, paint your nails, learn new dance moves, try new hairstyles, bake for your family, play cards, learn sign language, try new arts or crafts, look through your photo albums, make scrapbooks, practice makeup skills, play puzzles.

Just sit back and relax

You don’t need anyone to spend your time with. All that you want is just YOU!. Just relax when you get free time. Do not overthink and overreact to the problems you have. Let it go. That’s okay.

Wanna know methods to stop overthinking? Check out How to Stop Overreacting?

All these are few simple methods to do in your free time. You can do whatever you want, that gives you peace of mind, happiness and satisfaction.

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