Here is an article that helps you know how to stop overreacting and their methods.

Nowadays it’s very common that people overreact over simple stuff and matter. People will sometimes not even be aware of overreacting. It’s ok to overreact occasionally, but it’s not ok and seems right to overreact very often.

To define overreacting in simple words, reacting to the situation out of proportion.

It’s completely fine to feel and express your emotions. You can be angry when you want to be angry, you can be happy when you want to be happy. The problem comes when you start to react in a bigger way than needed. Real issues start to arise when we react much more than necessary. Overreactions help you in no way, that never makes situations better. It will make the condition even worse than before giving you big trouble.

Here are few simple methods to stop overreacting.

Before you react, take your space.

  • Take a pause or a small 10 seconds break before you react to something. This allows you time to consider possible alternatives.
  • Think of other possibilities that you can have over this.
  • Interrupt your thoughts with the command ‘stop’ and pause whatever you are doing.
  • Taking your space or time when the situation isn’t controlled helps you think of the consequences of your reaction.
  • This will help you avoid unnecessary drama or tensions.

Stand in opposite person’s shoes.

  • Before you do something when you are not okay just think of the other person’s point of view. Both may be right in their own perspective.
  • So never judge and overreact to the opposite person when he or she is too correct from his or her perspective.
  • Just smile and move on. One thing you must understand you gain nothing or lose nothing when you leave the argument and move on. In fact, you gain your peace of mind rather than arguing with the wrong person and losing it.

Don’t react for everything and everyone.

  • Have this thought in your mind – not all situations or persons requires your attention or reaction.
  • Not all situations demand your reactions, just stay silent and listen. If not, just leave the place.
  • Don’t think that you know everything in this world and keep interrupting other’s matters. Just be busy with your business to avoid this unnecessary stress and headache.

Don’t let others deal with your emotions.

  • Sometimes we let other persons control our emotions. Do not ever do that, no matter how bad the situation is, you face it and you control your emotions.
  • Laugh when needed, be sad when you want to be, just be you.
  • Don’t let the other person’s reactions make you overreact. Learn to ignore. It’s good to ignore sometimes.

Know well about your triggers

  • Most of the time without our knowledge we tend to get upset over few matters, just identify those triggers that made you upset in the past.
  • Doing this helps you to be in control when such trigger buttons are pushed.
  • You have to be very smart to deal with such people, better just do not give importance to such people. Again, ignore them.

Take care of yourself to stop overreacting

  • Sleep enough in order to avoid stress. Lack of sleep can result in short tempers and overly emotional responses to everyday situations.
  • Exercise regularly to get a positive mood.
  • Don’t ever stay hungry, if you stay without having food, you tend to overreact. So eat regularly.

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