Simple ways to become a class topper

Becoming a topper is the desire of almost every one. Only few or finger count people will make it.

Therefore, what makes the difference between normal average student and the toppers?

Why can someone make it and others fail to do so, for sure there should be some difference!

Difference between topper and average student

I had a conversation with most of the teachers and lecturers and try to get the answers from them and also, I met most students who are toppers and average students also, to get the reasons behind this unsolved mystery..

So let’s to try to point out all those things firstly, what make the difference and what has to be done to be in the list of toppers.

When I spoke with teachers, What they said is lack of discipline, concentration, interest on the subjects, and finally their friends group.

When I spoke with the students of average, What they said was quite accepting.

Most of them said that on each academic year before the college or school starts, they wanted to be the topper on that academic year.

However, they will not make it happen.

Each time same thing carried forward and they did not see their name in the toppers list.

I totally want to call this as lack of zeal.

Each student will be in full motivation on the first week of college or school. and once again after few days after they get results or after taking a very bad scolding from their parents, they think of all the bad things in there parents, or they feel to come back to reading but.

they eventually end up being an average student just as before.

woman writing on a whiteboard

Do this list of things, you can see yourself in the name of topper

  • Keep the journal or one small book with you each time. Make the list of things that will happen or you want to read, let us call this as secret book.
  • Each and every day wake up and start your day by reading the secret book of yours, so that you will be in zeal on the first hour of your day. As a result you can maintain the same zeal through out your day.
  • Respect teachers, listen to their words. Teachers were also students once open a time.. so they are like your seniors, what they tell you are words with experience and concern. Follow it blindly
  • Make targets of your daily schedule means what to read today.
  • Before completing that task of days what ever may happen, do not sleep… Finish the task. Once you finish your daily task, you feel so satisfying and you get million-dollar worth smile on your face.
  • Take a walk each day. Do not get into any issues in college or school. Listen what your teachers tell and follow it.
  • If ever you feel you are losing out of track means write in your secret book what make you to feel motivated repeat the same thing and get back in track soon.
  • Do not stop reading for more than two days. Be consistent
  • Consistent, dedication, discipline is the tool.
  • Never hesitate to clear your doubts. If you feel shy, go to staff room and talk to the respective teachers. For sure, they will help you.

At last, if you think you can do it you’re right, if you think you cannot do it you’re right.

how to focus on study with out distraction this will help you for sure to see your success.