BENGALURU: Passengers at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) were infuriated by 53 flight delays and eight cancellations to different parts of the country, which resulted in heated arguments with airline staff and angry scenes on the airport floor starting on Sunday morning. Bad weather on Sunday severely disrupted flight operations, which led to the chaos.

According to sources at the Bengaluru Airport, bad weather across the nation caused delays for 56 flights on Sunday, 26 of which were due to fog in Bengaluru.

The 56 flights were scheduled to depart from Bengaluru to various domestic destinations. On Sunday, eight flights from Bengaluru were canceled, affecting hundreds of passengers. Six of the flights were operated by IndiGo Airlines and went to Goa, Varanasi, Delhi, Vijayawada, and Prayagraj.

The other two flights were operated by Akasa Air and Air India.

Many domestic passengers experienced hardship as a result of the disruption in flight operations at Bengaluru. Delays and cancellations left passengers furious and disappointed on the airport floor, primarily with airline ground staff who failed to provide clear explanations regarding the status of Sunday’s flight.

Many passengers stay in and around the airline, hoping for a subsequent flight to their destination, while those on delayed flights are forced to wait for extended periods of time at the terminal, often without the option of lodging or, occasionally, refreshments. Many IndiGo and Air India flights are still running late.

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