Who is Margrethe II, the forward-thinking, chain-smoking Queen of Denmark? Queen Margrethe II

Denmark’s current queen is Queen Margrethe II. She is the only living queen regnant in the world and the longest-serving female head of state, having ruled for more than 50 years. On April 16, 1940, she was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has also demonstrated her artistic talent by working as a costume designer, scenographer, and Tolkien illustrator. On December 31, 2023, Queen Margrethe II made an announcement on television about her abdication. On January 14, 2024, her eldest son, Crown Prince Frederik, will take over as queen.

While many other royal dynasties do have queens of their own, unlike Queen Margrethe, these women are the spouses of kings and have married into their titles.She accompanied her son, Crown Prince Frederik, to Her Majesty’s state funeral, when she was spotted crying at the sight of the coffin covered in the royal standard as it lay in Westminster Abbey.Since both Margrethe and Elizabeth were great-granddaughters of Queen Victoria and maintained a friendship spanning decades, given their shared love of dogs and close enough to call each other “Daisy” and “Lilibet,” respectively, Margrethe is Elizabeth’s third cousin.

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