What is Environment, and Its Types?

The environment is our basic life support system. It provides the air we breathe, the water we drink the food we eat, and the land where we live. Living and non-living things of our surrounding is called environment, which is perhaps the combination of the natural and human-made phenomenon. In French environment is called as … Read more

“Important Things To Do To Achieve Goal”

A life without a goal is meaningless. Goal plays an important role in our lives. That goal decides who we are and what we can be. In simple words, the goal is for the betterment of our future we start doing things that lead us to reach a successful life or life we desired for. … Read more

9 Effective Ways To Lose Weight By Exercise.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be troublesome. Apart from diet, there are other ways to lose your weight like to lose weight by exercise. Simply don’t just torture yourself to reduce your weight in one week or 15 days. Create an active and happy life and include exercise in your daily routine. Losing weight is … Read more

How to stay calm?

Every human on this earth got worries. The level of worry may vary, but they do exist. So now the question arises then how to stay calm in these situations? When something unexpected happens, your first instinct may be to panic. You panic and make yourself too stressed. This can result in a complete breakdown. … Read more

How to overcome love failure?

In this article we will try to put together the things to do for overcoming love failure. Love is something above imagination, which happen unexpectedly; what is love failure? Due to some specific circumstances or as per planned this individual moves separately. In these cases without their knowledge, both will suffer to some extent…  Nevertheless, … Read more

How To Prepare For Current Affairs In UPSC(IAS)?

In civil service examination, current affairs play a very important role. In this article, we will be knowing how to prepare for current affairs, with an example. UPSC is considered as the mother of all exams in India. UPSC conducts an exam called CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION, which is a dream, of most of the Indian … Read more