Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania is in news, Tanzanian, government officially announced that, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tallest mountain in Africa and the world’s Largest free standing mountain, now has a new broadband network which will help mount climbers to use Wi-Fi internet.

Nape Moses Nnauye, Tanzania’s minister of information, communication and information technology, tweeted with a photo in which he posed with many hikers. Nnauye wrote that the climbers were “enjoying” the service so far.

This is not the only mountain to have internet access-. Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, had internet access available for users as early as 2010.

About Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro 12.2006.JPG

Kilimanjaro national park is located in Tanzania. it covers around 1688 sqkm. which includes Mount Kilimanjaro (which is in news for available internet access officially)

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the seven natural wonders of Africa and UNESCO world heritage site.

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