MatPat Youtuber ending Game Theory

American YouTuber and internet celebrity MatPat is well-known.

He is well-known for developing the YouTube series Game Theory, as well as its spin-offs Film Theory, Food Theory, and Style Theory, which examine different video games, movies, TV shows, and web series in relation to food, fashion, and video games, respectively.

Along with hosting the 2023 Streamy Awards and the YouTube Premium series MatPat’s Game Lab, he also founded the gaming channel GTLive.

By September 2023, MatPat’s five channels had accumulated over 40 million subscribers and over 8 billion views in total.

Patrick in 2020

MatPat stated on January 9, 2024, that he will no longer be presenting the channels as of March 9, 2024, but he will continue to appear on GTLive through the end of the summer.

MatPat revealed the information and candidly addressed his decision to end his career in his most recent YouTube video. “To be honest, we knew that we didn’t want to do this forever,” MatPat remarked. I don’t love late nights, as much as I love you, overanalyzing things, and theorising. Steph and I have been working together for more than ten years, and I don’t love it.

In the end, MatPat says that the past ten years have drastically impacted his life and that his rigorous work schedule on YouTube has hindered him from spending quality time with his family. Over the next ten weeks, the Theory channels will publish nine more theories. There will also be a final video, which the YouTuber named MatPat’s Final Theory.

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