INDIAN STUDENTS, STUDYING IN PAKISTANT IS CONSIDERED INVALID, Indian students who are making plan for higher studies in Pakistan have a news to keep in mind. As per the UNIVERSITY GRANT COMMISSION (UGC) and ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION as advised Indian students not to travel to Pakistan for higher Education.

Public notice

All concerned are advised not to travel to Pakistan for pursuing Higher Education.  Any Indian national/Overseas Citizen Of India who intends to take admission in any degree college/educational institution of Pakistan shall not be eligible for seeking employment or higher studies In India. On the basis of such educational qualification (in any subject) acquired in Pakistan

However, migrants and their children who have acquired higher education degree in Pakistan and have been awarded citizenship by India would be eligible for seeking employment in India after obtaining Security Clearances for M.H.A

AICT Chairman Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe said parents and students should not waste money in pursuing something which wont have parity in India.

Same case will hold good for countries including Ukraine and China.

Currently there are  230 students in Pakistan

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