In fear of covid, dry fruits consumption as increased

In fact, traders reported that demand has increased in the last few days due to reports of a spike in infections in several states and an advisory from the government regarding a new Covid subvariant. Imports supply almost 80 percent of the local market’s demand for dry fruits. The two most popular dry fruits in the nation for sales are almonds and walnuts. 69 90 64 165 *April–October Ministry of Commerce and Industry as a source

According to traders in the Khari Baoli markets in Delhi and Mumbai, the consumption of dry fruits surged by 25% in 2023—the highest increase in five years—as consumers became more health-conscious following the pandemic and turned to these abundant sources of vitamins and minerals that are known to boost immunity.

According to them, consumers who previously only occasionally purchased dry fruits are now regular buyers and are spending more on them, which has increased demand overall. This year, there has been an increase in the consumption of dry fruits. Customers are buying more dry fruits because the supply side is stable and the prices are attractive, according to Vijay Bhuta, president of the Mumbai Dry Fruits and Dates Merchants Association.

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