Chemistry Objectives General Knowledge Questions & Answers for SSC-CGL, UPPSC, UPSC, NDA, CDS and UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examination

1. Which of the following are the most and the least electronegative elements in the periodic table?

[A] Fluorine and Caesium
[B] Hydrogen and Helium
[C] Carbon and Oxygen
[D] Chlorine and Fluorine

Answer: A [Fluorine and Caesium]

2. Which among the following gas was leaked at Bhopal during the Bhopal gas tragedy at 2-3 December 1984?

[A] Methyl isocyanide
[B] Methyl isocyanate
[C] Methyl isochloride
[D] Methyl isochlorate

Answer: B [Methyl isocyanate ]

3. Which among the following is major component of Gobar Gas?

[A] Butane
[B] Ethane
[C] Propane
[D] Methane

Answer: D [Methane]

4. Which among the following is popularly called Hypo?

[A] Silver bromide
[B] Silver nitrate
[C] Sodium thiosulphate
[D] Sodium phosphate

Answer: C [Sodium thiosulphate ]

5. Charles Goodyear is known for which of the following ?

[A] Experiments on Rubber Plants
[B] Vulcanization of Rubber
[C] Invention of Radial Tyres
[D] Invention of Artificial Rubber

Answer: B [Vulcanization of Rubber]

6. Which of the following was discovered in Milikan’s oil drop experiment?

[A] Charge on a proton
[B] Charge on an electron
[C] Charge to mass ratio of an electron
[D] Mass of a Hydrogen atom

Answer: B [Charge on an electron]

7.Which of the following gas is used to prevent the chips from getting oxidised?

[A] Oxygen
[B] Nitrogen
[C] Helium
[D] Lithium

Answer: B [Nitrogen]

8. Which of the following carbon compound is used in the polymerisation process to produce polythene?

[A] Methane
[B] Ethene
[C] Ethyne
[D] Benzene

Answer: B [Ethene]

9.Which is the most abundant metal in the human body?

[A] Zinc
[B] Iron
[C] Magnesium
[D] Calcium

Answer: D [Calcium]

10. “Petroleum” can be categorised under which one of the following terms?

[A] Elements
[B] Hydrocarbons
[C] Polymers
[D] Salts

Answer: B [Hydrocarbons ]

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