Adam Harrison, 39, the famous Pawn Stars star Rick Harrison’s son, passed away. A narcotic overdose was listed as the cause of death. At this point, information on the precise moment, place, and substance that contributed to his demise is still unknown.

Adam Harrison passed away on Friday, according to Harrison family spokesperson Laura Herlovich, who also provided a brief statement and claimed that the cause of his death was likely a narcotics overdose.

The statement said, “We are deeply saddened by Adam’s passing.” “While we mourn his loss, we kindly request privacy.”

Photo of Adam Harrison and Rick Harrison via Twitter

Adam’s older brother, Corey Harrison, shared an old picture of the two of them in a bathtub.

He wrote, “Bubba, I will always love you.”

According to a statement the Harrison family provided to KLAS, they were “extremely saddened by the death of Adam.” The Las Vegas Review-Journal was informed by Laura Herlovich, a press agent for Harrison, that Harrison overdosed to death. In order to grieve privately, the family asked.

Support and sympathy for the reality star were showered into the comments area of Rick’s Instagram page by his followers.

“Man, I’m so sorry,” tweeted Donald Trump Jr.

A different Instagram user wrote, “Rick, I’m so sorry for your loss. The illness of addiction claims far too many of our children. 🙏🏽”

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