A Japan Airlines aircraft collides with a Coast Guard aircraft and catches fire on the runway.

After touching down at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Tuesday, a Japan Airlines aircraft caught fire, according to Bloomberg, which cited footage from national public broadcaster NHK.

The flight, which was carrying 367 passengers, apparently collided with another aircraft after landing, causing it to catch fire on the Haneda airport runway.

According to the AP, the aircraft was an Airbus A-350, JAL flight 516, which had taken off from Shin Chitose airport in Japan and flown to Haneda. The Japan Coast Guard verified that the JAL flight and its MA-722 collided on the runway, and it is currently looking into the incident.

One of Japan’s biggest airports, Haneda sees a high volume of travel during the New Year’s vacation.

The transport safety board, police, and other authorities will conduct an investigation, according to Japanese Transport Minister Tetsuo Saito, who stated that it was unclear what caused the disaster.

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