Simple ways to become a class topper

Do this list of things, you can see yourself in the name of topper

– Keep the journal or one small book with you each time. Make the list of things that will happen or you want to read, let us call this as secret book.

Each and every day wake up and start your day by reading the secret book of yours, so that you will be in zeal on the first hour of your day

Respect teachers, listen to their words. Teachers were also students once open a time..

– Make targets of your daily schedule means what to read today.

Before completing that task of days what ever may happen, do not sleep

– Take a walk each day. Do not get into any issues in college or school. Listen what your teachers tell and follow it.

If ever you feel you are losing out of track means write in your secret book what make you to feel motivated repeat the same thing and get back in track soon

– Do not stop reading for more than two days.  Be consistent

Best of luck