Simple Short Note on The Maurya Age 

* The Maurya Dynasty * Organization * Note on Ashoka

The Maurya Dynasty

The Maurya Dynasty, Founded by Chandragupta Maurya, born to shudra women in the court of Nanda’s.

His empire includes Bihar and parts of  Orissa and Bengal and also western and north-western part of India  and also Deccan and north eastern India, almost full subcontinents,

Chandragupta Maurya with the help of  his guru, Chanakya,   overthrew Nanda’s dynasty and  established Maurya dynasty.


Source from Megasthenes (Indika) and Arthashastra of Chanakya, Maurya capital was Pataliputra. he was fully autocrat, accounting to Indika king was assisted by council.

Empire was divided into provinces, each provinces will be headed by prince or by the person belonging to royal dynasty. Megasthenes called Pataliputra as Palibothra. ( In Greek it means city with gates)

As per writer Pliny, Chandra Gupta maintained 6,00,000 foot soldiers 9,000 Elephants, and also maintained Navy.

Chandragupta Maurya was succeeded by Bindusara, followed by his son Ashoka

* First Indian king to speak directly to people. * Ashoka fought only one major war called Kalinga war.

Note on Ashoka

*  Ashoka was converted to Buddhism. * Ashoka held the third Buddhist council (sangiti), he also appointed Dhammamahamatras to propage dharma.

He didn’t accept rituals killing birds and animals, and gay social functions.

The name Ashoka was found in copies of Minor Rock Edict found in Karnataka and In Madhya Pradesh. His name on other places as been mentioned as Devanampiya Piyadasi, which was also used by his ancestors. Edicts are composed in Prakrit.

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