For Govt jobs preparation Daily MCQ will be provided, most of the questions will be from the past question papers from UPSC, SSC IBPS, etc

  1. The Ilbert bill controversy was related to the
  • Imposition of certain restrictions to carry arms by the Indians.
  • Imposition of restrictions on newspapers and magazines published in Indian language.
  • Removal of disqualifications in post on the Indian magistrate with regards to the trial of the Europeans.
  • Removal of a duty on importing cotton clothes.

2. The Radcliffe committee was appointed to

  • Solve the problems of minorities in India
  • Give effect to the independence Bill
  • Delimit the boundaries between India and Pakistan
  • Enquire into riots in East Bengal

3. The partition of Bengal made by Lord Curzon in 1905 lasted until.

  • The first world war when Indian troops were needed by the British and the partition was ended.
  • King George V abrogated Curzon act at the royal Darbar in Delhi in 1913.
  • Gandhiji launched is civil disobedience movement
  • The partition of India in 1947 when East Bengal became East Pakistan.

4. A community of people called Manganiyar is well known for their.

  • Martial arts in North East India
  • Musical tradition in North West India
  • Classical vocal music in South India
  • Pietra Dora tradition in Central India

5. The Ghadr was a

  • Revolutionary association of Indians with headquarters at San Francisco
  • Nationalist organisation operating from Singapore
  • Militant organisation with headquarters at Berlin
  • Communist movement for India’s freedom with headquarters at Tashket.

6. Satyashodhak Samaj organized

  • a movement for upliftment of tribals in Bihar
  • a temple entry movement in Gujarat
  • an anti caste movement in Maharashtra
  • A peasant movement in Punjab

7. The Montage-Chelmsford proposal where related to

  • social reforms
  • educational reforms
  • reforms in police administration
  • constitutional reforms

8. What was the main reason for the split in the Indian National Congress at Surat in 1907.

  • Introduction of communalism in to Indian politics by Lord Minto
  • Extremist lack of faith in the capacity of moderators to negotiate with the British government.
  • Foundation of Muslim league
  • Aurobindo Ghosh inability to be elected as the President of Indian National Congress.

9. The plan of sir Stafford Cripps envisaged that after the second world war.

  • Indian should be granted complete independence
  • India should be partitioned into two before granting independence
  • India should be made a republic with a condition that she will join the commonwealth
  • India should be given dominion status

10. Which one of the following statement does not apply to the system of subsidiary alliance introduced by Lord Wellesley?

  • To maintain a lot standing army at others expense.
  • To keep India safe from Napoleonic danger
  • To secure a fixed income for the company.
  • To establish British paramountcy over the Indian state.

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