Daily MCQ for govt jobs day 40

For Govt jobs preparation Daily MCQ will be provided, most of the questions will be from the past question papers from UPSC, SSC IBPS, etc.

1. Who wrote indian war of independence.

A.Vd Savarkar
B.Dr RC Majumdar
D.R c dutt

Answer vd Savarkar

2.Centre of revolt and it’s leaders. Select the wrong

A Delhi general bakht Khan
B Kanpur nana saheb
C Jhansi Rani lakshmibai
D Baghpat Begum harzat mahal

Answer Baghpat Begum harzat mahal

3. Idukki power project is related with which state
A. Karnataka
B. Kerala
C. Andrapradesh
D. Tamil Nadu

Answer Kerala

4.Praggnanandhaa is related to which sport
A. Chess
B. Foodball
C. Hockey
D. Cricket

Answer chess

5. An inquiry into nature and causes of wealth of nations by
A. Adam Smith
B. Robbins
C. Marshalls

Answer Adam Smith

6. Under kulinism

A Old men took very young girls as wives
B. Polygamy was common
C.There respected women
D. They didn’t follow child marriage

Answer Old men took very young girls as wives

7.Who founded the widow remarriage association in 1850s

A. Vishu Shastri pandit
B. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
C. Rammohan Roy
D. Dk Karve

Answer Vishu Shastri pandit

8. Satya Prakash in Gujarat started by

A Karsonsas mulji
B. Dk Karve
C. Veerasalingam pantulu
D. Narmadashankar

Answer Karsonsas mulji

9. Which one of the following places did Kunwar Singh a prominent leader of the revolt of 1857 belong to

A. Bihar
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Rajasthan
D. Uttar Pradesh

Answer Bihar

10. Which one of the following territories was not affected by the revolt of 1857.

A. Jhansi
B. Chittor
C. Jagdishpur
D. Lucknow

Answer Chittor

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